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Agroforestry Coalition

We are a coalition of agroforestry leaders and practitioners working across sectors to dramatically increase the number of people growing food in diverse, tree-based farming systems in the United States.


What is agroforestry?

Diversified farming and ranching systems that include trees and other perennial shrubs and crops.


Recommendations for policymakers interested in removing barriers to agroforestry adoption.


Find a source to interview or speak on topics related to agroforestry, perennial agriculture and food sovereignty.


Meet the nonprofits, businesses, and academics coming together to scale-up agroforestry.
What We Do

Cultivating collaboration for lasting change

Agroforestry is a viable and essential solution to the climate, biodiversity, food security and economic challenges of our time. 

As a cross-sector coalition, we spark collaborations that yield lasting changes in agroforestry value chains and the regulatory environment. 

Together, we overcome barriers and create new pathways to the adoption of tree-based polyculture practices and products. 

Working Groups
Agroforestry Coalition

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Working Groups

There are currently 7 active working groups in the agroforestry coalition. Each working group functions as a community of practice, where people with experience or interest in the topic areas connect, learn from each other, and spark collaborations that remove barriers to agroforestry adoption. To learn more or join a working group, please visit our contact page.



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Speakers Bureau

Cultivating agriculture that works for the future.

Agroforestry Coalition

Coalition Members

Austin Unruh, Trees For Graziers, Pennsylvania

There’s a lot of public services that trees provide. It makes sense to invest in them, and we need a lot more resources to be able to do this much more broadly throughout the country.

Austin Unruh, Trees For Graziers, Pennsylvania

Devon Brock-Montgomery, Savanna Institute, Wisconsin

This really has a national scale because the practices that we use upstream will move and will impact farmers, communities, and recreators hundreds of miles from where we are right now.

Devon Brock-Montgomery, Savanna Institute, Wisconsin

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    The Agroforestry Coalition

    We foster collaboration across sectors to increase the number of farms and ranches producing food via the intentional integration of trees and shrubs into cropping and livestock systems.

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