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Agroforestry Coalition Statement on 2024 House Farm Bill Draft

Spring Green, WI – House agriculture committee chairman, Glenn “GT”Thompson, released the House draft of the 2024 Farm Bill last week. Members of the Policy Working Group for the Agroforestry Coalition, a growing network of more than 200 individuals representing over 90 nonpartisan organizations working together to advance agroforestry across the United States, issued the following statement:

“The Agroforestry Coalition is thrilled to see policymakers expand support for farmers practicing agroforestry to increase farm resilience. When farmers integrate trees on farms on purpose, they can reach conservation goals while generating income for the farm. As a network of organizations supporting farmers in adopting agroforestry,  we commend the draft Farm Bill authorities that help farmers already practicing agroforestry to scale up and remove barriers for people who want to implement agroforestry. 

We are particularly heartened by the provision for regional agroforestry centers, which will ensure improved and regionally-adapted technical assistance for farmers practicing agroforestry. Limited nursery production capacity represents one of the biggest challenges to scaling up agroforestry, and the Coalition is also pleased to see that the House draft includes provision for technical assistance, research, and training for nurseries and tree establishment programs. Pennsylvania is among the states with the most rapidly growing interest in agroforestry in the country, and the Coalition appreciates Chairman Thompson’s support for this growing sector.However, we are concerned that this bill does not protect the historic investment for climate-smart agriculture from the Inflation Reduction Act. Across the country, we are seeing more demand for practices that build climate resilience, not less. These programs come at a critical time when interest among farmers for support in agroforestry is at an all-time high. The public also benefits from improved soil health, water quality, wildlife habitat, and viability that successful use of trees on farms can provide. We appreciate that the House and Senate recognize similar challenges and opportunities for agroforestry and urge Congress to move ahead on the Farm Bill this summer.”


The Agroforestry Coalition is a growing network of more than 200 individuals representing over 90 organizations working together to advance agroforestry on US farms and ranches that integrate trees and other perennial crops into their agricultural systems. An important natural climate solution for US agriculture, agroforestry can also help farmers and ranchers build economic resilience, protect soil and water, and restore biodiversity. Learn more at 

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