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Highlights from the Agroforestry Coalition’s first D.C. fly-in

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In April, members of the Agroforestry Coalition came together in Washington D.C. for the first time to advocate for the widespread adoption of agroforestry on the national level. Here’s what we accomplished:

  • Learning with with the U.S. Forest Service: We were able to build relationships and understand how the integration of agroforestry practices are aligned with their priorities for community-based work. In turn, we were able to mention the benefits of agroforestry to working forest lands and discuss the importance of funding for the National Agroforestry Center.
  • Building awareness with legislators: Coalition members were able to educate members of Congress and their staff about what’s going on with agroforestry in their home states and districts.
  • Meeting with agroforestry colleagues: Since this was the first time Agroforestry Coalition members were able to meet in D.C., the fly-in was an important time for colleagues to discuss shared goals of supporting farmers and foresters in all regions of the country.
Thank you Carrie Brausieck for the quote and James Calabaza for sharing highlights from the fly-in. Finally, thank you to Beverly Paul & Cristel Zoebisch for organizing and leading this effort.

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Catalyzing Agroforestry in the Farm Bill:
Recommendations for Resilient Agriculture 

  • Understand the benefits of planting trees and other perennial shrubs on farms and ranches.
  • Review some unique barriers standing in the way of farmers planting trees as a climate and conservation solution.
  • Read recommendations from the Agroforestry Coalition that could be included in the next farm bill to catalyze agroforestry as a resilient form of agriculture in the US.
  • Hear farmer stories and find videos from Arkansas, California, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, Oregon, and Wisconsin.

Published by the Agroforestry Coalition Policy Working Group, 2023.

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