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Agroforestry Policy Is Taking Root, Now What?

The Perennial Farm Gathering is a vital networking opportunity for farmers, growers, foresters, and people who practice agroforestry and other types of perennial agriculture. At the 2023 Perennial Farm Gathering, leaders from the Agroforestry Coalition presented its progress to connect people nationally in movement building work. Watch the video recording of the session to learn more. To view all the event recordings, learn more here. 

Agroforestry Policy Is Taking Root, Now What?

Bev Paul, Davenport Policy
Cristel Zoebisch, Carbon180
Lindsey Shapiro, Pasa Sustainable Agriculture

In this video from the 2023 Perennial Farm Gathering, Agroforestry Coalition leaders provide an overview of the current policy landscape for agroforestry and the different avenues for engagement in the policymaking process. Learn about recent examples of policy wins that the Agroforestry Coalition has had and share the inside scoop on how agroforestry is faring in the upcoming farm bill. Learn how to engage policymakers to advance agroforestry and sharpen your advocacy skills.


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