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Director of Research and Commercialization, Savanna Institute

Fred Iutzi

Fred Iutzi’s work focuses on research and knowledge systems for perennial and continuous living cover agriculture, and multi-stakeholder approaches to successfully bringing new agricultural crops, practices, and markets online. Iutzi serves as Director of Research and Commercialization for the Savanna Institute, an agroforestry organization based in the US Midwest, where he leads efforts to develop the improved tree crop varieties, effective design and management practices, and smooth, equitable pathways to market needed for agroforestry to grow to its full potential in the Midwest and beyond. In previous roles, Iutzi led the founder transition at The Land Institute, serving as Chief Executive of the Kansas-based nonprofit leading a global effort to develop the world’s first perennial grain crops, and he managed agriculture, energy, and cooperatives programs for the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs at Western Illinois University. He received an MS in agronomy and sustainable agriculture from Iowa State University and a BA in geography from the University of Missouri, and is a Certified Crop Adviser and a former Professional Community & Economic Developer. Iutzi grew up on a multigenerational family crop and livestock farm in West-central Illinois.

Areas of Expertise

Scientist, Business, Advocacy


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