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Director of Demonstration and On-Farm Education, Savanna Institute

Kaitie Adams

Kaitie Adams leads the Demonstration and On-Farm Education Team at the Savanna Institute. Based in flat lands of East-Central Illinois, her work focuses on creative ways to connect people, build abundance, and create new futures on landscapes and in communities through perennial cropping systems. Her background in anthropology (M.A., 2015, SIUC) helps illuminate the
deep ecological and social connections created through agriculture and informs her work on the ground. Adams is drawn to agroforestry for its powerful reimagining of a future that is abundant,
perennial, and beautiful. Adams also teaches community classes on seasonal cooking, fermentation, and canning when not rambling around with her veggie-farming husband and rambunctious daughter.

Areas of Expertise

Farmer, Advocacy


Savanna Institute

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Address: Urbana, IL
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