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PhD, Executive Director of the Savanna Institute

Keefe Keeley

Dr. Keefe Keeley is the Executive Director of the Savanna Institute, where he leads the organization’s work to advance agroforestry as a solution for land, climate, and farming communities. He is also co-founder and board president of Canopy Farm Management, a tree crop nursery and farm service business co-owned and governed by the Institute. Keeley is passionate about connecting agroforestry and food system work with allied efforts in economic development, social justice, and restoration ecology. His experience includes farm business, research, public agency, and civil society initiatives, and his academic background includes degrees in biology from Swarthmore College and in ecology and agricultural science from University of Wisconsin-Madison. Keeley also spent a year on farms in four continents as a Watson fellow and co-authored a bioregional anthology called The Driftless Reader. He was raised on a farm in Wisconsin’s Driftless Area, where the Savanna Institute runs a 787-acre farm campus for agroforestry research and demonstration, and lives in nearby Madison with his family.

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