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Vineyard Director, Paicines Ranch

Kelly Mulville

For the past 25 years, Kelly Mulville has managed, designed, and consulted with vineyards, farms, and ranches throughout the U.S. and internationally. His work focuses on the design and creation of agricultural systems and practices that restore ecological health, increase biodiversity, create resiliency to climate change, and increase profitability and beauty. These spaces are also more fun and inspiring to work in/with.

Mulville is currently immersed in a holistic viticulture design and establishment project in Paicines, California. The intention of this vineyard is to recreate winegrowing in a way that incites the flourishing of ecosystem health, creates resiliency toward climate change, improves profit potential, and inspires human participation in this process.

Areas of Expertise

Farmer, Creative


Paicines Ranch

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Address: Paicines, CA
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