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Senior Policy Advisor, Carbon180

Maya Glicksman

Maya Glicksman draws from both her background in earth sciences and her personal connections with land to advocate for a resilient, sustainable, and just US food system. As Senior Policy Advisor at Carbon180, she develops and advocates for federal policies that harness carbon removal opportunities on farms, ranches, and forests. Her work explores the intersection of climate change mitigation, land management, and environmental justice — driving policy that boosts carbon sequestration on US working lands alongside myriad benefits to wildlife, environmental quality, and community resilience. Glicksman devotes much of her time to advancing solutions rooted in Traditional Ecological Knowledge that incorporate trees and shrubs into other forms of agriculture, often known collectively as agroforestry. She is based in Washington, D.C., where she meets frequently with policymakers on Capitol Hill. Outside of her federal advocacy work, she is a local food rescuer and redistributor, community herbalist in training, and avid scuba diver.

Areas of Expertise

Government, Advocacy


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