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Founding Executive Director, Interlace Commons

Meghan Giroux

Meghan Giroux is an agroforestry practitioner, service provider, and researcher with two decades of experience growing perennial crops in agricultural and nursery settings. Through her company, Interlace Agroforestry Farm LLC, and funding support from the USDA and the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, Giroux is developing a 60-acre demonstration site that exemplifies ancient and modern forms of agroforestry, including the five USDA-defined practices. Giroux is the co-author of two forthcoming manuals on agroforestry. She is currently a visiting lecturer at Yale School of the Environment. She is committed to using her natural resource management background to help land stewards protect and improve ecosystem function, increase biodiversity, and identify ways to improve land-based livelihood strategies.

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Government, Scientist


Interlace Commons

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