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PhD, Assistant Professor, Lincoln University

Sougata Bardhan

Dr. Sougata Bardhan is an assistant professor of natural resource management at Lincoln University, an 1890 land grant university in Jefferson City, Missouri. Dr. Bardhan has a wealth of experience in research, teaching, grantsmanship, and managing graduate students and employees. Throughout his academic career, he has also established excellent relationships with various stakeholders, agencies, and universities. Trained as a soil microbial ecologist, Dr. Bardhan has gained significant experience researching the ecological impact of land-use practices and plant community influence in both managed and unmanaged ecosystems at the University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry. At Lincoln University, he aims to create a nationally renowned agroforestry program with active research in forest farming, silvopasture, and alley cropping systems. His research and outreach activities aim to reduce the negative impact of human activities, with particular attention to climate change–induced perturbations. He is also actively involved in natural resources workforce development through partnerships with federal agencies among minority and underserved demographics. Dr. Bardhan has written 27 peer-reviewed journal articles, four book chapters, and several popular articles in reputed outlets. He has also secured approximately $44 million in extramural funding, with roughly $3 million as principal investigator.


Lincoln University

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Scientist, Professor, Creative

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