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Program Manager, National Farm to School Network

Tomas Delgado

Tomas Delgado is the program manager for the National Farm to School Network, an organization that supports K-12 and ECE communities in accessing local food, designing food and agriculture curricula, and facilitating school-based agriculture projects.

Delgado leads the “Bringing the Farm to School” project, a partnership with the National Center for Appropriate Technology and the USDA that aims to assist agricultural producers in navigating and selling to child nutrition programs in public schools and ECE markets. The project offers a comprehensive curriculum to educate producers about school market opportunities. Delgado also supports several projects with schools throughout the country, focusing on Tribal communities, which aim to restore Native foodways through school-based agricultural initiatives, including establishing school gardens and food forests through Native food-based curricula for students.

Delgado holds a B.A. in geography and is completing his master’s degree in natural resources and environmental sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is deeply committed to food justice, nature-based education, and socially equitable access to nature and nourishment.

Areas of Expertise

Farmer, Government, Advocacy


National Farm to School Network

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Address: Urbana, Illinois

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