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Jóia Food & Fiber Farm, Climate Land Leaders

Wendy Johnson

Wendy Johnson owns and operates Jóia Food & Fiber Farm, originally a corn and soybean farm that they transformed into a 130-acre perennial farm with sheep, cattle, and poultry. They sell their meats locally, regionally, and nationally, and recently started a wool bedding business to add value to the wool sheep enterprise. Jóia Food & Fiber Farm’s lamb and wool is Animal Welfare Approved and certified 100% Grassfed. They also grow Kernza®, a perennial grain crop that they also graze, and have a micro-orchard of nut and fruit trees. In the last six years, Jóia Food & Fiber Farm has implemented agroforestry practices including riparian buffers, silvopasture, and enhanced windbreaks. In addition, Johnson co-manages a family-owned corn and soybean farm, and works with Climate Land Leaders on conversion advocacy as a co-policy lead and farmer consultant within the Corn Belt.

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Farmer, Advocacy


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Address: Charles City, IA
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