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There are currently 7 active working groups in the agroforestry coalition. Each working group functions as a community of practice, where people with experience or interest in the topic areas connect, learn from each other, and spark collaborations that remove barriers to agroforestry adoption. To learn more or join a working group, please visit our contact page.


2023 Co-chairs: Mallory Daily, University of Missouri, Center for Agroforestry, and Renee Gasch, Savanna Institute

The communications working group focuses on raising the profile of Agroforestry activities led by Coalition members and adjacent groups. This year they are particularly focused on placing agroforestry-related stories (featuring coalition members) in national publications, and in building and training an agroforestry speakers bureau. The goal of these efforts is to build awareness of the benefits of agroforestry among members of congress, and to connect members of congress to agroforestry activities in their constituencies. To learn more about how to get involved, read the blog post and visit our contact page

Demonstration Farms

2023 Co-Chairs: Samantha Bosco, National Agroforestry Center Nathan Ayers, Chiwara Permaculture and West Michigan Agroforestry Partnership

Agroforestry demonstration farms are businesses or organizations practicing agroforestry with a public-facing educational component of their mission. Demonstration farm leaders, agroforestry educators and those interested in learning more about agroforestry practice connect, support each other, and share resources through this working group. This group is also in the process of collecting information for a US agroforestry demonstration farms database. To learn more about how to get involved, read the blog post and visit our contact page

Ecosystems Services

2023 Co-Chairs: Nathan Lawrence, Savanna Institute and Joe Fargione, The Nature Conservancy

The ecosystem services working group builds shared understanding about how the ecological benefits of perennial agriculture are measured, interpreted and communicated. Currently, much of the funding for conservation practices in agriculture goes to large-scale operations and traditional forestry. This is changing with the launch of the federal Partnership for Climate Smart Commodities program. The ecosystems services working group is currently convening agroforestry-focused recipients of the PCSC grant to discuss approaches to carbon measurement and how the grant recipients work together to amplify their impact. To learn more about how to get involved, visit our contact page


2023 Co-Chairs: David LeZaks, Food System 6, and Sarah Larson, Food Finance Institute, PJ Connolly, Savanna Institute

The finance working group focuses on growing the quantity and quality of capital invested in the agroforestry sector. Interest and investment in Agroforestry is accelerating, with private, federal and philanthropic agencies and organizations increasing their support for climate smart agriculture. The finance working group is engaging finance providers and the broader capital community in a pre-competitive space to work collaboratively toward appropriate financing for agroforestry. To learn more about how to get involved, visit our contact page


2023 Co-chairs: Tera Johnson, Kitchen Table Advisors, and Bill Davison, Savanna Institute.

The markets working group focuses on growing the market for agroforestry products and supporting agroforestry entrepreneurs. In 2023 this group is generating ideas for processing infrastructure development for functional berries, and for an entrepreneurship training program for emerging agroforestry products companies.


2023 Co-chairs: Amy Miller, Route 9 Cooperative, and Scott Brainard, Savanna Institute.

The nurseries working group focuses on germplasm development and nursery stock production and sales for agroforestry crops. While creating space for conversation and connection around these topics, they are also developing a collaborative project to support breeders and nursery owners. The nurseries working group is designing a mini-grant program to help nurseries experiment with new, or scale up existing, practices or technologies, and extend what they learn to other nursery businesses. To learn more about how to get involved, read the blog post and visit our contact page


2023 Co-chairs: Bev Paul, Davenport Policy, and Cristel Zoebisch, Carbon 180

The policy working group focuses on identifying and advancing policy priorities to support agroforestry. Policy working group members gather to learn about active policy initiatives and how they can support this work by activating their networks in strategic states and districts. The working group’s 2023 priorities include: developing and garnering bipartisan support for two agroforestry marker bills to be included in the 2024 Farm Bill, a white paper on agroforestry practices and impacts, and advocacy within the USDA to help shape new agroforestry technical assistance programs. To learn more about how to get involved, read the blog post and visit our contact page

The Agroforestry Coalition

We foster collaboration across sectors to increase the number of farms and ranches producing food via the intentional integration of trees and shrubs into cropping and livestock systems.

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